Erik Seline



AGE: 34 

REGION:West Coast


WHY YOU BECAME A SALMON FARMER: I had a friend at the time who spoke highly of the salmon farming lifestyle. I heard of living and working outdoors year round on the west coast of Vancouver Island and I had to see it for myself. It’s been 13 years now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT FARMING SALMON IN THE OCEAN: I believe to grow the best tasting, highest quality salmon there is no other place suitable than our oceans.

FAVORITE WAY TO EAT SALMON:BBQ’d with rice and soya sauce.

WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT: My family, fishing, and camping in the summer.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE DAILY: Trying to keep crows out of the feed shed

BEST MEMORY: Catching a 27lb Chinook while fishing near the farm in the evening and taking it home to cook dinner for everyone.

THING YOU ARE MOST PROUD ABOUT: I am proud to have worked hard over the past 13 years, be recognized for that hard work and have the opportunity to do what I do.