John Fulton



AGE: 56 



WHY YOU BECAME A SALMON FARMER: One of the main perks of working as a Salmon Farmer is that I get to enjoy working outdoors in the beautiful natural environment of British Columbia’s coast line.

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT FARMING SALMON IN THE OCEAN: Working outdoors as I’ve mentioned is one of the best part as a Salmon Farmer in British Columbia, but beyond that is the captivating scenery that comes with the environment. Observing nature and wildlife is one of the most serene things about working right on the ocean.

FAVORITE WAY TO EAT SALMON:My favorite way to prepare salmon is right on the Barbecue, any season, any time!

WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT: Keeping our farms well organized and clean so we can focus our energy into maintaining a well-balanced environment for our fish.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE DAILY: Though the surrounding environment is one of the main perks of the job, it’s also one of the biggest challenges we face daily as Salmon Farmers.

BEST MEMORY: There are just so many of them from working here on the farm, hard to pick just one. But if something especially neat occurs, I’ll make sure to let everyone know!

THING YOU ARE MOST PROUD ABOUT: How we as Salmon Farmers are making an impact on the preservation of the wild salmon population.