Mike Cooper



AGE: 39 

REGION:East Coast, Sechelt Inlet


WHY YOU BECAME A SALMON FARMER: When I started, a lot of my friends were already in the industry, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do after high school and Salmon farming was a big part of the community where I lived. I like being on the ocean and enjoy seeing all that nature has to offer. The west coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and it’s amazing that I get to call it my place of work.

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT FARMING SALMON IN THE OCEAN: I like being around nature, I like being able to see the eagles, bears, whales, seals and sea lions to name a few. And most important its where Salmon should be raised.

FAVORITE WAY TO EAT SALMON:Cajun spice grilled with a little butter until blackned

WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT: Might be a cliché to say, but I am most passionate about raising salmon in their natural habitat. Talking to the chefs while on Craftsman Farmer Tours around the nation and seeing the amazing creations they come up with when preparing our salmon brings me great pride.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE DAILY: Biggest challenge I face daily is being away from my family and friends while working.

BEST MEMORY: Best memory to date would be marrying my beautiful wife.

THING YOU ARE MOST PROUD ABOUT: I am most proud about what I have chose to do for a living. Being a part of the Skuna Bay team brings me great pride. Working amongst some of the most passionate and talented farmers in the industry and seeing the reactions we get from the salmon we raise makes this Job very easy to Love.