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Skuna Bay Caviar



Skuna Bay Caviar Skuna Bay Caviar Skuna Bay Caviar


Orbs of Gold from Skuna Bay's Craftsman Farmers in Ikura and Plain Unbrined

Harvested from the waters of Jervis Inlet within miles of the coast of Vancouver Island, our Skuna Bay Craft Raised Salmon Roe is from our very own Coho salmon farms. These amazing fish are raised predominantly for their succulent caviar and they come to maturity with a 1/4" diameter roe every fall. Just like our Craft Raised Salmon, every salmon is harvested in a small batch and then the caviar is removed by hand hours after coming out of the water so it is always extremely fresh when prepared and put into the recyclable tray and sleeve for you, the chef to use year-round.

We also know how to spot quality, responsible fishing habits and an obsession with delivering good fish. We have found wild fishermen friends who share our passion for good salmon and who want to share in our unique process for delivering pristine, fresh-from-the-ocean fish to our customers.

We know the best chefs in America want choice and they also want quality. So now and for the entire Wild Salmon season we are proud to bring you the best Skuna Bay Wild Vancouver Island Sockeye we could find.

Harvested responsibly just like Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon.