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CAMPBELL RIVER, BC (November 14th, 2011) Raised in the pristine waters off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. by a dedicated and passionate team of craftsmen farmers, Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon launches today as North America’s first craft farmed salmon. “Skuna Bay is doing everything differently for one simple reason: so chefs and diners can experience our fresh-out-of-the-water salmon that our craftsmen farmers have spent years raising” said Managing Director Stewart Hawthorn. This unique offering will initially be available in the Southwest region of the USA including Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Already chefs who have experienced Skuna Bay’s craft raised salmon seem to like it. “The whole fish was very impressive – it looked like a champion just fished out of the water – could have been a wild spring. I was impressed and it was delicious” stated acclaimed chef, Bocuse D’ors finalist and James Beard Foundation performer Chris Mills.

“I have spent 25 years raising salmon all over the world and when I joined the Skuna Bay farmers I could see immediately that it was different,” said Hawthorn. “The small scale of our farming operation allows our experienced, passionate farmers to be the difference-maker in delivering great farm-to-plate salmon.” Skuna Bay’s farms are set-up in isolated locations where waters are glacier-fed, with perfect salinity and strong tidal currents creating a constant flow of fresh, pristine ocean water. But this isolated location means that technology and power are not always available. “So our people are the biggest factor. And we think that’s our advantage” To ensure that the results of Skuna Bay’s craftsmen farmers’ high standards are reflected in the salmon delivered to discerning chefs, the fish are harvested in small batches and then quickly transferred to a local, family-owned processor that immediately cleans the SKUNA BAY ANNOUNCEMENT/two

fish while it’s still fresh and at its peak. In addition, Skuna Bay has pioneered its own unique and exclusive method of handling, selecting, processing and packing that result in better fish with the utmost in freshness. There are only 6 approved inspectors who are allowed to handle the chosen salmon. And their equally high standards ensure that only the top 6% of all fish harvested graduate to Skuna Bay status with the remaining distributed through Grieg Seafood’s other premium channels. After the Skuna Bay salmon inspectors seal up the box and apply their signature to its traceable, tamper-proof seal, the next person to open the carton is the chef. Other unique features of the Skuna Bay experience include exclusive use on the West Coast of the patented Thermafresh™ fully recyclable corrugate cardboard carton and liner from Cascades. “This unique packaging solution eliminates the need for non-recyclable traditional packaging while keeping the salmon at the perfect temperature”, noted Martin Taillon, Sales Director for Cascades Specialty Products Group. Additionally, Skuna Bay has partnered exclusively with Santa Monica Seafood, whose leadership on cold chain, service and sustainable sourcing made them the perfect partner to deliver their sealed boxes directly to the chef. For more information, please visit . Follow Skuna Bay on Twitter at @SkunaBay and “Like” them on Facebook at SKUNA BAY ANNOUNCEMENT/three ABOUT SKUNA BAY, VANCOUVER ISLAND CRAFT RAISED SALMON: Skuna Bay offers a premium selection of craft raised salmon cared for by a small group of passionate and experienced farmers. Dedicated to raising the best fish possible, and never through industrial methods, Skuna Bay raises its fish in an isolated region off the coast of Vancouver Island, where glacier-fed coastal waters, perfect salinity levels and strong tidal currents create an ideal environment for the salmon to reach maturity. Patented innovations in packaging, exclusively Skuna Bay’s to use in its market, further emphasize the quality and protect the fish, to be delivered fresh in prime condition through their exclusive distributor, Santa Monica Seafood. By reliably providing the highest standards for salmon in North America, Skuna Bay not only satisfies food lovers but is actively working to farm responsibly and be part of the solution by helping to reduce pressure on wild salmon populations as they feed the world. Skuna Bay is an isolated inlet on the western coast of Vancouver Island’s Nootka Sound near where Skuna Bay’s fish are raised and where they all originate. Skuna Bay salmon are reared in farms that are owned and operated by Grieg Seafoods BC Ltd. In BC there are extensive Federal and Provincial regulations that give customers confidence that the salmon produced are being farmed responsibly. Additionally Skuna Bay salmon are approaching a 1:1 ‘fish in fish out ratio’, require only 1.25 lbs of feed to produce 1 lb of salmon and are reared in ocean farms with a stocking density that results in 98.5% of the rearing space being pure water. Right now more than 33% of Grieg’s farms in BC are fallow. All fish meal and oil used in Skuna Bay standard salmon are sourced from certified fisheries. Skuna Bay salmon are transported over land to the chefs of North America – they are never flown – to ensure that Skuna Bay’s carbon footprint is as small as possible. ThermaFresh™ is a trademark of Fresh Bailiwick Inc. PATENT PENDING * The metalized film component of ThermaFresh, which represents less than 5% in weight of the whole container, may not be recycled by some recycling programs.

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