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When the Craftsman Farmers of Skuna Bay have a rare break from caring for their salmon, they're on the look out for new means to to create a sustainable future.

As of September 2017, the Craftsman Farmers are proud to join other responsible producers and sellers of seafood as a Seafood Watch Collaborator and Good Alternative on the Seafood Watch® list. 

Starting in March, the folks over at the James Beard Foundation will no longer including "red-listed" Seafood Watch items at their events.

We are also committed to aligning our partnerships and programs in support of these values. Starting in March, events at the James Beard House will no longer include “red-listed” items. We are pleased that our long-time partner Skuna Bay Salmon’s rating has improved from an “avoid” to a “good alternative” (British Columbia) as part of the most recent farmed salmon assessment by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, allowing us the opportunity to continue to work with them in our programming.

The Craftsman Farmers are pleased to hear that our partnership with the James Beard Foundation will continue to thrive and we'll be able to keep providing great fish to great chefs!

Skuna Bay has been a great supporter of the James Beard Foundation for many years, and we are grateful for their backing of the James Beard House and the Beard Awards. We look forward to our continued work with them, and others in the industry, to help chefs improve and expand their offerings of sustainable seafood including underutilized species and high-quality farmed options.


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