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GOLD RIVER, BC (September 1, 2015) — Skuna Bay Salmon is proud to be a part of this year’s US Open, as Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon will be served to guests at the world class tennis tournament held August 31th through September 13th in Flushing Meadows, NY.

US Open Chef and renowned restaurateur Ed Brown has incorporated Skuna Bay Salmon into the menu at ACES, US Open’s signature seafood stop. Skuna Bay joins brands like, Moet & Chandon, Grey Goose, Heineken and Evian that will be offered at the elite US Open.





Brown’s Bay Packing Company has been custom processing farmed fresh salmon in the spectacular Seymour Narrows of British Columbia since 1989. Today Bown's Bay employ as many as 45 full-time people and process in excess of 32 million lbs of product each year. This amounts to a payroll that injects $1.5 million into the local Campbell River economy and expenditures of more than $1.75 million for supplies and services from other British Columbia businesses.



Dissolved Oxygen levels at Williamson and Muchalat North have recovered and returned to normal


During mid-June Williamson Passage and Muchalat North experienced high levels of mortality rate due to increased levels of Dissolved Oxygen. Since then D.O. levels have recovered and returned to normal and our fish are coming back onto feed fairly well at all locations that were affected. The farm teams have done a good job of getting the sites re-sorted after this major incident and it was good to see our higher standard of set-up becoming re-established.




Hanging Fish Stamped

In the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Vancouver Island, our Craftsman Farmers have
been hard at work raising the incredible Skuna Bay Salmon.


“Good morning:  On Wed Apr 22, my wife and I were in an accident with our Olympic 33 motor vessel.  We had run into a rock in Okisollo Channel.  We contacted the Coast Guard who immediately relayed a message to local boaters that we needed assistance.  A reply came back right away from your location in Barnes Bay.  Nigel Frazee and Anthony Reynolds were quickly onsite with one of your skiffs and a water pump.  They got the pump going and towed us across the channel to Diamond Cove where we were able to tie up to a wharf.  They ensured our safety and then left.