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The one thing you'll want to know is that our salmon is only reared in one place and that is the only where salmon should be raised - its natural ocean environment.

Our Craftsman Farmers are passionate about raising salmon. We believe that the best salmon comes from personal care and attention to detail, from the hundreds of judgement calls that we experienced farmers make every day in the raising of our fish. We believe that living on the farm 24/7 and knowing our fish the way we do results in a better salmon. 

Back to our natural environment: you'll want to know about our glacier-fed waters, Pacific Ocean currents that provide the right conditions with fast flowing tides, cold, clear water and perfect salinity. Another key component to raising salmon in its natural ocean environment is that our fish has sufficient space inside their pens to swim and grow. At least 98.5% of our fish's pen is water. Only 1.5% is our salmon. In scientific terms, we have about 12 kg of fish for every cubic meter of water. This provides them with that important space to be in constant motion to build up strong and healthy tissue. 

Last, but one of the most important is the Fallow Period of our sea farms. Once we have harvested fish from the water, we let that ocean site rest. We check the farm before restocking to make sure we are in balance with nature. 33% of our farm sites are always in fallow. That means we sacrifice potential farm use to ensure the protection of the environment.

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